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Boozy crab leads to pick-up 20 February 2006

Posted by Paul Cronk in Uncategorized.

Leaving Kim snoozing in the hotel, I leave to chase a large masquerading crab swigging from a beer bottle.

Giant puppetsI lost it down the side streets so hung around a crossroads while the town filled up with remnants of the coastal parade. Two girls grabbed me there and essentially didn´t let go for the next three hours.

It took a remarkable amount of time for them to realise that I wasn´t Brazilian and we didn´t have a common language between us. But with smatterings of English, Portuguese, French, German, Spanish and Italian we managed to dance and kiss our way round a variety of drummers, acoustic and electronic blocos and frevos before leading me to the samba dance hall.

This was the likely downfall as my dancing style quickly got a lot of negative attention but they persisted with teaching my samba steps encouraging me with more kisses. And that was in between adjusting an accompanying transvestite´s make-up.

(Sweetly, they would encircle me and push me against a wall whenever a fight broke out pointing out the scuffle with shouts of brigante(?).)

I guess this is everyone´s carnival fantasy; to be captured by a pair of pretty twenty-something Brazilians and be taken on whirlwind tour of the town. In the end it was getting a bit too amorous and I made my excuses… Explaining I had a friend at the pousada that I needed to meet didn´t work so I had to admit, with stress, that it was uma amica, and the centavo dropped.


1. Rob Wills - 21 February 2006

” my dancing style quickly got a lot of negative attention” – the mind boggles!

2. Babak - 21 February 2006

Oi Paul! Tudo bem! Sounds like you are having a nice time – lots of samba and getting accosted by beautiful Brazilians and getting lots of ‘beijinhos’! Wondering what brigante means?

Anyway, if you want to impress your fellow brazilians, you can say – ‘Now fallow portugez, maize posso fallar a lengua damor!’ (With an Essex accent obviously!) Make sure you only say that to the girls though, and only the single ones…

3. jeff - 21 February 2006

stop being so “self-congratulatory”…

4. Peter - 24 February 2006

Stop enjoying yourselves and update the blog!

5. Andy - 24 February 2006

Kim’s blog is much better. You wouldn’t believe what she was getting up to when Paul thought she was asleep at the hotel! Outrageous!

6. Squadron Leader Pipkin Cholmondely-Crevice - 24 February 2006

Filth! I decline to read on…

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