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The point of the trip… 12 February 2006

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Brazil for carnival is one of those travel mandatories. Balls and sequins, sambadromes and street dancing; and Rio or Salvador are the obvious focus. But Carnival is everywhere, and the idea was to visit it in a couple of the old colonial – and UNESCO-listed – towns. Olinda was an obvious choice because TAP fly direct to Recife, the nearest Brazilian city to Europe. It’s also supposed to have a carnival that is active the week before the others; though I’ve yet to see a program on the official site.

Four years ago

Kim and I were in Brazil four years ago, in the two weeks after Carnival. Olinda then was bright, hot and recovering from its two-week festival. monster in OlindaA week before hundreds of thousands of people had watched the blocos parade; the streets were now empty but for the streamers and bunting and the occasional papier mache grotesques hanging from street corners.

I don’t know whether it was a collective hangover or if the town had reverted to its normal pace. But it was fun; the kids were touting as guides round the tile-hung monasteries and the capoira dancers were performing for the remaining tourist dollars.


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